Sara-Kate Hoyle

How did you start this business?

I have been struggling to find a creative outlet for years, I love cooking and I get pretty creative but I always thought that what I made was just average or not good enough to share. Then, I just got sick of not challenging myself and holding back so I created Skrappy Kitchen to share what I make and hopefully inspire people.


What is unique about Skrappy Kitchen?

I think what sets Skrappy apart is a couple of things:


  1. I don’t subscribe to a certain “genre” of cooking. I generally try to not eat too many carbs or refined sugar as that is pretty much no good for anyone, but, I eat vegetarian, gluten free, vegan, keto, etc. I have a couple friends request more dairy free and vegetarian dishes and I think that’s great and I like eating that way, but I will never solely post those kinds of dishes. I just want to empower people to eat whatever way they choose to.
  2. I am very picky about the style of my photos as to keep my feed clean and consistent. When I do a dinner with friends they’ll be like “Post this on Skrappy!” and I’m like, “I’ll post it on my story but it will mess with my feed”. I never thought I would be “that person” but I love the way my feed looks. I decide whether I’m gonna follow a foodie in a 5 second scroll so it’s gotta look good. It’s more work but that’s what makes my page creative and inspiring.
  3. Lastly, I would like to think that my page is “approachable”. What I mean by this is that people can make what I’m making with stuff they have in their fridge already. I find that I disconnect with “fancy food”, for some people that’s their jam and that’s cool but I eat at home more than I eat out so I’m always on the hunt for affordable, tried and true recipes. I try to find creative ways to interact with whoever is following me so that they feel comfortable commenting or messaging me to ask for a recipe or asking questions or saying they want me to come over and teach them how to make something.


What do you hope to get out of this business? Why do it?

Well, job hunting has been pretty tough these past few months and I’m not really sure if my “dream job” is out there. A lot of my friends and I have just said, “Enough is enough” I’m done holding back and wasting the next forty years feeling unfulfilled and disconnected in order to pay the bills”. I have always preached about passion and hustle being the fuel to create a fulfilling career so it’s my turn to try that. But other than my career, I ultimately just love being creative and connecting with people. I have been able to inspire and help people in small ways and that really makes me come alive. My friend is starting his own barber shop and he quotes, “Stop trying to figure out what the world needs, instead figure out what makes you come alive because what the world needs is more people that have come alive”


Where do you see the future of this business heading?

I started this with no idea where it would go, IF anywhere. What I’m starting to envision is making freezer meals for people who don’t have the time to make nutritious food for themselves. I would sit down with the client for a consultation and we talk about what they want to eat and how many meals. I estimate the cost for groceries, they give me the money and I purchase the grocery and make the food at my house and freeze it all. I would make money by charging per hour but I’m pretty efficient so it wouldn’t be too bad. Another route I see is teaching workshops like basic knife and cooking skills and recipes as well. I think people really want to learn and be in community because it’s way more fun and engaging. I’m still exploring this all and I’m super to pretty much anything!


What is your inspiration for meals?

Pinterest is my life...that’s when my love for cooking started, when I was in high school it became popular and felt really empowered to try cooking from scratch. I love Asian cuisine, the flavours and textures and versatility make it fun to cook and eat. But for me inspiration can come from anywhere really. It only takes one bite of something to blow my mind and captivate me. But I tend to look for concept or recipe and then play with it for a while. For instance I discovered a really easy cashew stir fry recipe and I’ve been making it once a week ever since. The veggies change based on whatever I have goin’ on in the fridge.


What do you want your followers to know?

Do the thing you’ve been wanting to do. Surround yourself with people that inspire and encourage you and talk to people in the field you want to get into. Also, take what you eat seriously. Use food as form of self-care. I make an effort to make myself nutritious satisfying food that makes me feel good. I really do believe you are what you eat. I totally get life is busy but taking the time to eat a good meal will fuel your body and soul will take you further.


What is your favourite part of running Skrappy Kitchen?

My favourite part is definitely connecting with people about food. I have connected with new people or friends that I haven’t talked to in a while. I get really excited talking about food so when people give me any kind of response I am so thrilled. I have my bachelor of Social Work and I have a deep care for people and their well-being so food has become my outlet of expressing that. Food is a really personal thing so when people ask me to cook for them I could cry because I am so honoured.


What does our brand, Coffee & Create, mean to you?

To me, Coffee & Create is community of people who understand, encourage, and celebrate hustle. I think of hustle, in this context, as bringing a dream/vision to life, it is often a solo project but with Coffee & Create, we can all encourage each other through the highs and lows of the creative process. Coffee & Create encourages me to take pride in my work, to push myself to learn, and to give space for people to contribute to my vision.



Find me on Instagram: @sk_hoyle

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