Matt Hoyle

Hey! My name is Matt Hoyle. I'm 24 years old, newly married and live just outside of Toronto. I'm passionate about good hip-hop, anything Christopher Nolan and my wife's guacamole. I've been working in coffee for about 3 years and am currently the Head Barista at Main Street Bakehouse in Stouffville, Ontario. My appreciation for coffee started about 4 years ago with a particularly very dark roasted coffee from a local chain here in Canada. I would buy a cup almost daily when I started college. After spending increasingly more time in coffee shops during those years, my interest was stirred and I soon discovered the world of specialty coffee. Several cappuccino's and pour over's later, I was inspired to start my own journey.


What is your passion and why?

My passion is people. I'm enthusiastic about supporting others in any way. I desire to serve communities in a way that is completely other-centered with no agenda. I believe in the power of strong communities and what can be accomplished through authentic relationships that go beyond finances and business tactics. I believe that the coffee industry has a unique opportunity to advocate for people. Advocate for the farmer picking coffee. Advocate for the family of the farmer earning living wages. Advocate for the barista doing something they love. Advocate for the loyal guest that has shown up to your shop since day one. Connection in coffee is what makes everything click.


What are some of your creative goals you are working on? 

Recently, I've just started taking more photos in general. I think that showing the natural progression in the creative process is some times more inspiring to others than the final product. I've been working on my camera eye by capturing moments that are everyday views for most people and have been getting a lot of positive feedback. For example, friends usually only see highlights from your "fun, super hip" coffee shop where you work but don't see you working on brewing ratios in your apartment kitchen with that new coffee you've been wanting to try for a long time.


Any side hustles that involve your passion? 

Side hustle is becoming my new favorite phrase because of how often I'm hearing it now.  Funny you should ask! A friend of mine and I recently started a small business called Stock and Crown. A mobile pour over bar bringing specialty coffee and tea to local businesses and events. Our dream is to grow and develop for the time being as a pop-up bar that works hand in hand with local businesses to deliver a warm and transparent experience while also offering high quality beverages. Our goal is to build rapport and exposure as a pop-up before ultimately building out a brick and mortar shop.


What does our brand, Coffee & Create, mean to you?

Ever since I stumbled across Coffee & Create, it resonated deeply because I believe that there is significant, potential influence in the creations made by humanity. I believe that everyone has unique, creative gifts that other people need. We all have gifts that no one else does. Someone may need the created works of a musician to cope with anxiety. Someone may need the created visual made by a teacher to further understand how something functions. Someone may need the handmade quilt to become inspired to made clothes for less fortunate people. For me, Coffee & Create is about doing what you are equipped and gifted to do. And be fueled by amazing coffee of course!

Find me on instagram - @mattthoyle

Find me on facebook - @Matt Hoyle

Find my side hustle - Stock and Crown on instagram - @stockandcrown

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