Kyle Sheppard

Hey I'm Kyle Sheppard. In a nutshell, I'm a husband, Jesus follower, professional photographer and coffee enthusiast, so basically your average Instagram hipster haha. I'm a big picture oriented dreamer with an excessive amount of energy and I'm frequently stoked about a great many things. Professionally, I travel and shoot weddings with my wife (Kyle Loves Tori Photography) which is a crazy awesome gig, I couldn't be happier with it! When I'm not traveling, I manage social media and content creation for local businesses in St. George, UT, where we live currently. Though I live in Utah, I'm a native born Coloradan at heart, and I'm very proud of my home state. 


What is your Passion?

My biggest passions are people and storytelling. As a photographer, I'm super passionate about the awesome opportunity I have to get to know a couple on the best day of their lives and document their love in a real and lasting way. I love having new experiences and I find new places super inspiring, so I'm pretty passionate about travel. I'm also passionate about coffee. I love the science behind it, the culture around it, and just the overall experience that coffee can provide. I love visiting and photographing local coffee shops while I travel. Above all though, I'm a follower of Jesus and I'm passionate about making sure everything I do is done in a way that honors Him. 


What are some of your creative goals you are working on?

I think I'm pretty fortunate to be in a full-time creative profession because creative goals are pretty much my day-to-day bread on butter. I actually just finished all of my "normal" creative goals like re-designing the Handsome Wade website and I'm more focused on things like improving how we tell the story of a couple's wedding day and how to better care for the community that's building around Handsome Wade. In my personal life, I'm working on a project to interview and document my grandma in a couple months. The end goal there is to document more of the people in my life, like my grandparents and parents, in a way that tells and preserves their story.


Any side hustles that involve your passion?

Always. I don't think I've ever NOT had a side hustle of some sort. Right now, that primary side hustle is my coffee blog, Handsome Wade. I'd love for it to eventually grow to both be a vibrant community revolving around coffee and a source of some income for my wife and I. Other than that, I'm also working on ways to use my skills in photography and storytelling to help shape the local culture of St. George as it grows. 


What does our brand Coffee & Create mean to you? 

I'm all for any brand that seeks to build communities in a way that supports people and encourages them to grow and connect with others. The fact that you're doing that through coffee resonates deeply with me. For me, coffee is so much more than a caffeinated drink I need to get me through the day. It's the nexus of a community that has the ability to reach and connect people globally. The word create strikes me as an imperative. It's the drive to build.



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