Josh Felts

What is your passion and why?

I have a passion to be creative in ways that can help others reach their goals and encourage as many people as possible along the way. I work in the Health IT department for a hospital, where I train and teach professionals to use a clinical computer system. 

What are some of your creative goals you are working on?

I am a musician that has an eye and desire to do photography. It started with my love for coffee, I can’t get enough of it. I have taken my obsession for coffee and started sharing my photos with others. This has led to my own personal photography page, separate from my personal page.


Any side hustles that involve your passion?

I’m working on creating a business that facilities creative minds to collaborate and offer resources to local artist. 


What does our brand, Coffee & Create mean to you?

Coffee & Create to me is exactly that, creative individuals coming together over the love of coffee. Coffee is such a vital part when it comes to generating new ideas and giving you that “jump start”. 



Find me on Instagram - @_WVAES_ 

Photography page on Instagram - @88mediaco

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