Ian Gutierrez

What is your passion and why?

Hello, my name is Ian Gutierrez but I go by Fides Rex, My passion is photography and cinematography. I have been working freelance for 18 months now, it's been a journey! I purchased my first video camera when I was 10 years old. I still have that camera on my desk, it's a decorative piece now. I was a skater when I was in middle school so I would capture footage of my friends and I skating. I would wait in front of my street where I grew up waiting for fixed up cars passing by to film them. I always had a disposable camera on me. You can say I was "vlogging" and capturing my moments growing up. I have selfies and pictures of me hanging out with my friends when I was a kid, that cracks me up.  


What are your creative goals you are working on?

Some of my creative goals are to level up in my craft, And I believe this is the year of growth. There has been a lot of "first times" the past 6 months, my first IMDb credit for doing cinematography and editing for a short film, first time filming a pilot with a cinema camera, first time filming a commercial, first time filming a car in a studio for a big brand. It's been a long road but the goals I’m working on are to keep improving my skills and growing in my career. I am currently renovating a studio alongside one of my best friends, Eiman. We met over a year ago and had this dream to open a music and photo studio, and it's finally happening. Most of my time will be spent running the studio but also the art that Eiman and I do. It's black and white prints of items dipped in gold paint. We dipped some Yeezy shoes in gold paint for a picture... hoping when all these art pieces are released it can catch the eye of Kanye West haha. Another creative goal is to continue capturing my cinematic photographs and creating a booklet of photos I’ve taken with short stories about the person, subject, place in the photo.


What side hustles that involve your passion?

A side hustle I have is sdrealestatephotographer.com I do Real Estate photography on the side. I decided to make a whole new website and separate that market on its own. I say side hustle because I don't focus much energy on this genre of photography. Another side hustle is my brand Egonomics (rebranded as EGONMCS) I don't push it as much as I used to a few years ago but before I decided to pursue photography as my main source of income, Egonomics was my main side hustle. Once the studio is up and running and my income is more stable, I want to invest more time and money into Egonomics and make that hustle strong again. 


What does our brand Coffee & Create mean to you?

What Coffee & Create means to me is wake the fuck up and follow your dreams and passion. brew some bomb coffee and make shit happen. It's very relatable with us creatives. always spending long sleepless nights hustling, we need that caffeine fix to keep creating!


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