Emily Banks


Hello! My name is Emily Banks, a recent addition to the “30’s club”, living and working just outside of Toronto. While my job as manager of a local coffee shop keeps me busy, I use whatever free time I have for music, art and sneakers. Recently I have taken what was a personal interest in the sneaker community and began to share my knowledge of sneakers, and passion for design, texture and colour through my Instagram page. While it’s still in the beginning stages, it has been an incredibly powerful and creatively inspiring experience.


What is your passion and why?

At the end of the day, my passion ISN’T sneakers. It’s not about looking good, or having the most hyped/exclusive shoe. My passion is connection, specifically through human expression. I find it inspiring and intriguing to discover the “why” behind people’s choice, behaviors and expression. I’ve paired my own form of expression through art, fashion and specifically sneakers as a way to connect the human element to something so “simple” as the shoe you lace up.


What are some of your creative goals you are working on?

Since this is a recent start up, with some pretty big dreams for the future, I’ve decided to start on social media. I have to give major credit to anyone who commits themselves to a social media brand or platform because MAN …it’s hard work. Consistency in posting, quality of images, witty/informative captions, and time to engage in dialogue with others online is incredibly difficult. I have many small creative goals at the moment like, developing my photography skills, pushing creative boundaries for sneaker shoots and digging deeper into what I want my brand to look and feel like.


Any side hustles that involve your passion?

My whole sneaker page is the side hustle at this point, and I can’t wait for the day when it is my full-time gig. For now, I’m learning, pushing and growing. Super uncomfortable but I’ve never felt more alive.


What does our brand, Coffee & Create, mean to you?

I love what you guys are doing with this platform. Encouraging creatives with a variety of pursuits to share puts a spotlight on an overlooked career path…. something you’re actually passionate about! For me there is a very literal application of Coffee & Create, as it basically sums up my full time job and my everything else life very nicely. It’s a title I would happily carry with me for the rest of my life. 



Find me on Instagram - @franniebanks

Find my Sneaker Page - @franandtheshoebox

Coffee Shop - @mainstreetbakehouse

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