Camille Ruppert

Hi, my name is Camille and I am the owner and artist of Amber’s Artistry.  I imagine that sounds a little odd having a business name that is different than my own but in all truthfulness, Amber is my middle name.  I have always loved my middle name and wanted to use it for something special, so here it is as the name for my business!

I have forever been a lover of anything creative or art related.  During my childhood, anytime I had the chance I would draw or paint for fun.  After graduation from high school, I attended several art classes and have been honing my art and painting skills ever since.  With the support of my family and friends I was able to begin to build a business out of this love and share it with you through my shop!

Most of my artistic inspiration comes from everyday things such as my family, ranch/farm life, anything outdoors and of  I currently live in Sacramento, CA, but I have a huge love for the small mountain town of Truckee CA.  My dad was raised in Truckee and it is still where my grandparents and uncles live.  Though I live in the outskirts of a large city, my heart gravitates towards mountains, open land and country living. 

What is your passion(s) and why?

My passion has always been in the area of all things art; from photography, videography, painting, to sketching and drawing.  Initially I was on a path of using photography as my primary interest but soon gravitated to painting and sketching. What I love today is that I am able to incorporate all of my artistic loves into my business.  Art has always been a part of my life from an early age.  My mother’s father is a naturally gifted artist and began sharing his gift with me from the first chance I had to hold a pencil.  The opportunity I had to grow up with the support, encouragement, and love of family makes me so happy to do what I love and be able to share it with others!


Any side hustles/full time hustle that involve your passion?

A side hustle that involves my passion is....Coffee.  Does that count as a side hustle? If coffee does not fit that description, then I would say that the use and expression of photography and videography would be a side hustle that feeds my artwork.  I photograph scenery and still scenes for inspiration for future paintings and I also stage and photograph my artwork for sale for my business.  I love all things coffee and believe it is a side hustle for my artwork since it sometimes gives me the inspiration and get-up-and-go that I need to paint.

When did you begin painting?

I started painting when I was young but really began to seriously take interest in my work during the Christmas season of 2013.  It was during that time that I found a blank canvas in my garage that my grandfather had given to me several years earlier.  I decided then to get out the my paints and brushes and give it a serious effort.  While working with the different paint media and different colors I realized how much I loved the feeling of a paint brush in my hand.  That’s when the journey began.

What's one of your biggest achievements as a watercolorist 

The biggest achievement for me as a watercolorist is being able to create a piece of art from the request and vision of a customer.  I really enjoy painting a piece of artwork at the request of a customer that has personnel meaning to them.  Additionally, I love it when I create a print or card that is viewed by a customer and they express the precious memories that piece of art brings to them.  That is one of the greatest thing that makes all my time and effort into each piece of art very special and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

As a creative artist, do you ever run out of any ideas?  If so, what do you do to get the creative juices flowing again?

Yes, there are many times that as an artist I run out of ideas.  When this happens, I will typically look up pictures, listen to music or go out and explore to get inspiration for new ideas.  Sometimes it takes just to take a break, get a cup of coffee, and get my mind off of what I am doing for a few minutes to clear my head and get my artistic ideas flowing again.  I would stress the cup of coffee part of that statement as a huge help. 

What are some of your creative goals you are working on?

Some of the creative goals that I am working on are continuing to work on projects that challenge me or seem out of my reach.  For example, I continue to work on portraits of people and animals, different painting mediums (acrylic versus watercolor), pencil and pen art etc.  Again a large part of achieving these goals is drinking plenty of coffee.

What does our brand, Coffee & Create, mean to you?

The brand Coffee & Create is the motto of my day, week, month, business!!  It’s the feeing I get in the morning at that first cup of coffee.  It’s the words in my head when I reach for that second or third cup during the day.  It’s continuing to pour that coffee and working hard to do what you love.  It’s a motto of making my dreams a reality. It’s truly an inspirational name, Coffee & Create.


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