Andy Hirst

What is your passion and why?

My passion is wedding photography, not just photography as a whole. Working with a couple the way I do is how I feel I reach my creative peak. I feel compelled to push myself further and constantly develop. Weddings are a celebration of two unique characters coming together and the creativity in which my couples put this on display is fascinating to me. Telling a story is my goal, but it’s the perspective at which I tell it from is where I find most of my creativity. Shooting a brief moment so that the resulting image puts the viewer in the scene and gives a full story or even just a glimpse of what’s coming next, that’s where my mind is all day.

What are some of your creative goals you are working on?

My current focus is on simplifying my processes and removing roadblocks to enable me to be creative without any gear or other obstacles. I am a minimalist personally and I am trying to incorporate this through my business and creative work. The more I do the clearer I can think when shooting. 

Any side hustles that involve your passion?

Before being a photographer full time I was a creative trainer for Apple. I love training and inspiring people so in order to carry that on, I mentor photographers to help them with their projects in addition to the technical aspects of photography. I also have a small but growing YouTube channel.


What does our brand, Coffee & Create mean to you?

The two go hand in hand in my opinion. The culture of coffee is very creative, my favorite coffee shops are stylish and unique. From my point of view, it is how I create the bond with my new clients.


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