Adam Smith

What is your passion and why?

Architecture is Adam’s passion. Currently Adam is nearly a third of the way through his Masters in Architecture programme which he is completing, part time, at the University of Lincoln; UK. He also holds a position at MBA* [Matchbox Architects] as an Architectural Assistant [Part 1].


The uniquely intense way that Architects experience the design process is what Adam was searching for growing up, with a wide variety of interests from the use of colour to the fine details, the aspiration to become an Architect began. In a world of critical thinking Adam has chosen architecture to be the vessel to undergo this journey. As this is not a passion for buildings, but the continuous desire to understand the way that designers think, and how their decisions influence and impact the world we live in.


What are some of your creative goals you are working on?

Adam’s short term creative goal is to become an Architect, yet in the long term Adam wishes to continually grow as a designer, and as a person, through the creative outlets that he enjoys. Focusing on Instagram and other experimental projects, such as vlogging and creative documentaries, to continue his self-development journey.


Any side hustles that involve your passion?

As well as a keen interest in photography and videography, Adam is the co-presenter of The Creative Chronicles Podcast. The Creative Chronicles co-presenters, Lewis and Adam, use their recent university and creative industry knowledge to help students on creative courses overcome their inefficient working methods. Offering an alternative mindset to inefficient working methods with the aim of reducing stress and increasing efficiency. Over time, we will provide a comprehensive archive for students and young creatives to continuously refer back to, if and when they require it.


What does our brand, Coffee & Create, mean to you?

Coffee & Create is all about the process. Number one; coffee (or tea). Number two; create! Regardless of what your ‘create’ is, the coffee can be a starting place for all creatives. Both clever and fun, the branding is great and the simple principle of promoting their community speak volumes. Thank you Coffee & Create.


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